-25°C Universal Coolant

Universal coolant


Coolant and long lasting radiator protection


Bardahl Universal Coolant is based on ethylene glycol concentrate, which uses Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology
Is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates.


Compatible with any coolant
- Compatible with any engine
- Compliant to NF R 15-601standard
- Long-lasting : 250 000kms in VL – 500 000kms in PL (or 5 years)
- Protects circuit from oxidation and corrosion
- Protects from cold in winter, avoids overheating in summer
- Stops deposits formation


  • Ref. 7313 - Case of 3 Can of 5L
  • Ref. 7319 - Container of 1000 Litres
  • Ref. 7315 - Can of 20 Litres
  • Ref. 7318 - Drum of 200 Litres

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