Diesel Antifreeze

Very cold weather additive for diesel fuels


Very cold weather additive for diesel fuels


Complementary fuel treatment which guarantees the efficiency of diesel fuel even when the weather is very cold.
Its formula is perfectly suitable for new types of fuel.
Avoids that paraffin particles agglomerate
Separates the paraffin crystals from fuel. As they become smaller, crystals do not clog filters.
Avoids the clogging of filters by keeping diesel fuel fluid even when the temperatures are very cold.


  • Ref. 5483 - Case of 3 Can of 5L
  • Ref. 5484 - Drum of 60 Litres
  • Ref. 5488 - Can of 20 Litres
  • Ref. 5480 - Case of 6 Can of 1L

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ApplicationFuel treatment
CategoryRolling stock, Techni line