Restaur'Inject Diesel

Curative formula for diesel injection systems


Curative formula for cleaning last generation injection systems


RESTAUR'INJECT 11 is a curative formula for cleaning last generation injection systems that prevents from clogging du to FAME (fatty acid methyl ester)


Suitable for all diesel engines (cars, trucks, tractors, boats ,…) .
Compatible with any diesel biofuel.
Compatible with new and old generation engines.

Pour RESTAUR'INJECT 11 directly into the tank
Dosage: 1 L treats 100 L of diesel fuel


Allows for a complete curative cleaning of the fuel system (mixed with 100L of diesel fuel.
Permanent action to avoid the clogging of the system.
Improves engine performance: lower consumption higher performance.
Restores engine power.
Improves the combustion allowing for a thinner spraying of fuel through the injectors.
Reduces exhaust fume emissions.
Does not contain any heavy metal and does not have any adverse effect on catalytic converters.
Does not damage seals and synthetic rubber. Harmless for hoses, seals and plastic parts of the fuel system.
Has no influence on the requirements of the NF EN 590 norm.


  • Ref. 5493 - Case of 3 Can of 5L
  • Ref. 5494 - Drum of 60 Litres
  • Ref. 5498 - Can of 20 Litres
  • Ref. 5490 - Case of 6 Can of 1L

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ApplicationFuel treatment
CategoryRolling stock, Techni line