Terra S 46

Synthetic base hydraulic oil

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Terra S 46

Terra S 46

Synthetic base hydraulic oil

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Biodegradable lubricant formulated from synthetic esters


Can be used at very low temperature (-50°C)
Contains enhanced anti-wear agent
Withstands cutting


Recommended to be used in hydraulic systems or mechanisms subjected to possible pollution: water purification stations, dredging operations, navigation locks, tramway switching mechanisms
ISO 14001


  • Ref. 5149 - Container of 1000 Litres
  • Ref. 5145 - Drum of 60 Litres
  • Ref. 5148 - Drum of 20 Litres
  • Ref. 5147 - Drum of 205 Litres

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Data sheet

Type of lubricant100% synthetic
Temperature range+265°C, -50°C
PropertiesAnti-wear, Bio, High VI, Long-lasting