High performance grease

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High performance grease

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High performance lithium complex grease


Forms a lubricating and protective film
Supports very high speeds
Anti-rust, anti-corrosion
Remains effective in the presence of water


Lubrication of wheel bearings, plain bearings, ball or roller bearings under extreme loads and temperatures
Suitable for grease of mechanisms subjected to impacts or vibrations: public works vehicles, transports, agricultural machines...


  • Ref. 1742 - Case of 6 Pots of 500gr
  • Ref. 1745 - Drum of 50 Kg
  • Ref. 1744 - Bucket of 16 Kg
  • Ref. 1746 - Drum of 180 Kg
  • Ref. 1740 - Case of 24 Case of
  • Ref. 1743 - Case of 4 Pots of 4.5kg
  • Ref. 1749 - Case of 5 Refill of 120cc
  • Ref. 1748 - Case of 5 Refill of 250cc

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Data sheet

ApplicationBearings, Gears, Wheel bearings
UseHigh loading, Quick rotation
Temperature range+160°C, -20°C
PropertiesAnti-wear, Extreme pressure, Long-lasting, Resistance to water
CategoryIndustrial greases
Active substanceLithium complex
Type of greaseMultifunctional