Super TF Lube + PTFE

Synthetic lubricant with PTFE


Synthetic lubricant with PTFE for a long-lasting lubrication under the hardest conditions.


Stops squeazing noises, reduces friction, increases material lifespan.
Used on: locks, hinges, chains, axles, slides...
Every equipment that slides, rolls, rotates.


SUPER TF LUBE stops squeazing noises, reduces friction, increases material lifespan.
SUPER TF LUBE is used on chains, slides, bearings, axles, locks, hinges and usualy on every equipment that slides, rolls or rotates.


Long-lasting lubrication under the hardest pressure, temperature and abrasion conditions.


  • Ref. 2072 - Case of 12 400ml aerosol
  • Ref. 2073 - Case of 4 Can of 5L

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Data sheet

ApplicationChains, Delicate mechanisms, Slideways
UseDusty, High temperature, Wet
Type of lubricantOil
Temperature range+265°C, -50°C
PropertiesAnti-wear, Clean, Long-lasting
CategoryHigh temperatures, Special lubricants
Active substancePTFE