Reinforced grease with molybdenum disulfide


Reinforced grease by MoS2 technical agents


Maximum antirust protection.
Excellent anti-wear protection


Particularly suitable for very high loads
Suitable for pure friction and low speeds


  • Ref. 1495 - Drum of 50 Kg
  • Ref. 1496 - Drum of 180 Kg
  • Ref. 1490 - Case of 24 Case of
  • Ref. 1493 - Bucket of 25 Kg

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Data sheet

ApplicationCams, Slideways, Spindles
UseHigh loading, Slow movements
Temperature range+140°C, -20°C
PropertiesAnti-wear, Extreme pressure, Long-lasting, Resistance to water
CategoryIndustrial greases, Rolling stock
Active substanceLithium, Mos2
Type of greaseMultifunctional