Chrome Nickel Paste

Chrome Nickel Paste

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Lubricating and anti-seize paste up to 1600°C


Working temperature: -35°C +1600°C.
Resistant to water
Does not contain molybdenum disulphide or graphite, nor sulphur or sulphur compounds


Easy dismantling of parts exposed to extreme conditions (temperatures and pressure)
Anti-corrosion even in extreme corrosive environment (acids or bases)
Protects parts exposed to friction against wear


  • Ref. 1516 - Case of 6 Pressurised 240gr cartridges

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Data sheet

ApplicationAnti-seizure, Gasket assembly
UseHigh loading, High temperature, Slow movements
Temperature range+900°C, -35°C
PropertiesAnti-wear, Extreme pressure, Long-lasting, Resistance to chemical products
CategoryHigh temperatures, Industrial greases
Type of greaseCharged solid lub