BeeClean Foutain

Biological foutain


Solvent-free degreasing foutain


Operator Health: Solvent-free, labeling-free, non-flammable
Performance: Finishing quality, great degreasing and descaling properties
Durability: Constant cleaning power
Economy: Regeneration of bath, limitation of waste


Allows degreasing of all parts in a mechanical workshop
NSF approved BLB product for food industry use


Modular: The elements can be easily dismantled for cleaning or after-sales service
1 year warranty (parts), efficient after-sales service
Comfort: Ease of use, Durability, Pleasant temperature in the workshop


  • Ref. 0536 - Case of 1 Fountain

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Data sheet

CategoryDegreasing Cleaning, Degreasing Cleaning, Material / Services
Desired actionCleaning, Degreasing
StandMechanical parts
CharacteristicQuick drying, Without marking
FormulaChlorine-free, Solvent-free
EnvironmentGarage, Workshop