Diatomaceous earth absorbent

Multipurpose mineral absorbent

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Diatomaceous earth absorbent

Diatomaceous earth absorbent

Multipurpose mineral absorbent

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Absorbs on solid surfaces, hydrocarbons, lubricants, ...


The Diatomaceous earth absorbent is a mineral, multipurpose, exclusive absorbent made from diatomaceous earth calcined at over 850 ° C, and very low in moisture.
This Diatomaceous earth is derived from the purest minerals in its natural state.


The Diatomaceous earth absorbent absorbs on solid surfaces, hydrocarbons, lubricants as well as flammable, explosive, toxic and chemically active substances (acids, alkalis) and other pollutants.


  • Ref. 5868 - Bag of 1 *20Kg

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ApplicationCertified Roads
CategoryDegreasing Cleaning
Desired actionAbsorption
EnvironmentGarage, Workshop